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our campaigns

Check out our  campaigns to see how we are addressing adolescent immunization and empowering our peers to become invested in their health.

Want to help out with one of our campaigns? If you are a teen under 18, check out our volunteer page to volunteer with us. Have an idea on other ways to support our cause? Reach out to us at

current campaigns

digital advocacy campaign

Since January of 2021 our content creation and communications team has been cultivating our Instagram platform in order to create a space for teens to learn and have valuable conversations about health and vaccines. Through digital advocacy, we are striving to empower the voices of adolescents who recognize the benefits of of vaccination by providing information about vaccines from credible sources. 

Find us on Instagram @coloradoteensforvaccines

guidebook campaign 

We are currently outlining a step-by-step guide to equip youth around Colorado to lead discussions and conversations within their schools and communities - especially in relation to COVID-19. With this guide, we hope to allow other passionate young people to supply their peers with the practice and resources to tackle conversations surrounding vaccine hesitancy and other issues with a confident and educated mindset.

future campaign plans

teen health kit campaign

This campaign will focus on providing education and resources about vaccines and other forms of preventative health to vulnerable youth (with an emphasis on teens) in the Denver area. 

Our team will collect donations, including hygiene, menstrual, and dental products, and bag them along with educational information.
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